2016/10/30-11/8 Cycle Rural Japan by BUSHIDO ニッポンのステキな田舎サイクリング


Cycle Rural Japan:
Ancient Coastal Journey through the serene
San-in Region, legendary birthplace of Japan

Tour Outline:
Join professional cycling guide and author Takashi Niwa for a special tour through the San-in region of Japan; a region of stunning beauty, rich in history and folklore, and of spiritual importance to the Japanese.
San-in features heavily in Kojiki, the oldest surviving chronicle of the mythical origins of Japan and its gods, and is seen as the birthplace of Japan. We follow a route in a famous Kojiki tale of the Deity Ōkuninushi and a white hare, between Inaba and Izumo, now known as Tottori and Izumo.

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